Sexual violence in HE workshop

In 2014, together with Elsie Whittington and funded by an ESRC Impact Acceleration Grant, I developed a workshop targeted at university managers, staff and students, on sexual harassment and violence in the HE sector. It covers questions around ‘lad culture’, recent NUS research findings on the prevalence of sexual harassment and violence amongst students, an overview of what is currently being done to tackle the problem, and suggestions for ways forward.

The workshop resources are available online and free to use by anyone who would find them helpful – the session is based around a Prezi which is linked below (which can be downloaded and adapted as you see fit), and there is also an information sheet for participants and timeline/structure for facilitators in the PDF document linked underneath. The workshop takes at least 90 minutes but could easily be longer with more time for interaction and discussion.

Sexual harassment and violence in HE workshop – Prezi

Sexual harassment and violence in HE workshop – documents

The workshop was piloted at the University of Bath in March 2015, with 100 percent of participants saying they would recommend it to others at their institution and 91 percent saying they now had ideas about how to tackle sexual harassment and violence. It has since been delivered at De Montfort, Roehampton, Sussex, Leicester, Hull, York, Northumbria and UCL.