Support for survivors

I’m afraid I am not able to do individual casework. However, if you are a survivor who needs immediate or more long-term help, you can approach one of the organisations below who will be able to help you or refer you on appropriately. If I have missed an organisation off this list please contact me – I am especially keen to hear about groups supporting LGBT+ survivors, BAME survivors, sex workers and survivors with disabilities, and would love to have more details about women’s services which are fully trans-inclusive.

Rape Crisis – support for survivors of sexual violence and abuse; different Centres have different eligibility criteria

Survivors’ Network – support for all self-identifying women, plus dedicated helpline for non-binary and trans survivors

The Havens – London-based support for survivors of recent rapes/sexual assaults (all genders)

Rape and Sexual Assault Referral Centres support with recent rapes/assaults (all genders)

Confide – support for sex workers (all genders)

Galop – support for LGBT+ survivors

Southall Black Sisters – support for BAME women survivors

Respond – support for children and adults with learning disabilities who have experienced abuse and/or trauma (all genders)

Mankind – support for men who have been sexually abused

Survivors UK – support for men who have been raped/sexually abused

Women’s Aid – support for women and children who have experienced domestic abuse (some member organisations are trans-inclusive)

Refuge – support for women and children who have experienced domestic abuse

National Domestic Violence Helpline – service for women, their family, friends, colleagues and others calling on their behalf

National Stalking Helpline – support for anyone experiencing stalking

Rights of Women – free and confidential legal advice for women