Sexual violence in higher education

The other key area of my academic work is sexual violence and ‘lad culture’ in higher education. Follow the links to explore my academic articles, blog posts, media appearances and resources, and to access details of support for survivors.


9 thoughts on “Sexual violence in higher education”

  1. Alison, this is amazing work; I am a philosopher activist and I have been writing about the silencing of women in philosophy and the fact that she had to wait over two thousand years to go to university. Now she is there I have been wondering about the pressure she may be under to just deal with whatever comes her way, which seems bad for her and for men. I am a granny now, but I see from your NUS work that this is not an old woman’s gripe, and your work will help. Thank you, I look forward to meeting you and, I hope, working with you in the future! Alison

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