Equality @ Imperial

With Dr Liz McDonnell, I am currently conducting research at Imperial College London, looking at issues around equality and diversity and the institution’s culture. We are using various methods including interviews, focus groups, surveys, observation and documentary analysis, to try to reach as many College staff (current and former), students, and alumni as possible.

This page has been set up for Imperial College (current and former) staff, students and alumni who have a story they want to share completely anonymously. We are interested in hearing about your experiences with any of the intersecting equality issues (including but not restricted to gender, race, class, sexual orientation, disability and age). We want to hear from people of all genders, ethnic and social groups, and from all disciplines and jobs.

If you have something to tell us, please use the form below. Stories can be positive or negative, although we particularly encourage people who have difficult or painful experiences they might not be comfortable disclosing through other methods. Your story will be kept completely anonymous – you are not asked to give your name, and any details we think might identify you will be removed or obscured when the data are written up.

The data will be used in written reports and other outputs for the College, and in other academic and general publications. By submitting this form you give your consent to this – however, if you wish to withdraw your story at any time, please contact me at a.e.phipps@sussex.ac.uk with the relevant details and this can be arranged.

We would like to know whether you are a student or (current or former) staff or alumni, as this will give our analysis much more clarity. You can also give any other demographic details you think might be relevant; however, this is optional. If you are willing to participate in a further interview or focus group discussion, you can enter your Email address – although this is also optional. You can submit your story without these details.

Thanks very much for your participation.