My 2015 on Twitter

Before Christmas I thought I’d get my retrospective in early, by listing ten things Twitter had taught me in 2015. In case you missed it, here they are again:

1: Amnesty is run by a bunch of pimps. As is Jean Urquhart’s office.

2: women scientists are . Except when engaging in mass sarcasm online – then they’re a mob of militant bullies

3: Dawkins spent a substantial part of his year obsessing about a high school boy’s model clock

4: Milo has terrible taste in sandwiches

5: the porn industry has dealt better with a rape disclosure than many universities do

6: feminism in general seems more outraged by Caitlyn Jenner saying silly things about gender, than by Greer’s vicious transphobia

7: a white female MP can be hailed a feminist hero for telling a black female colleague to fuck off

8: we have an economic crisis, a refugee crisis & our government are a bunch of tools. Still, our biggest problem is political students

9: there are few things better than Twitter when it emerges that the Prime Minister once put his dick in a pig

10: best of all, there is a poo emoji (thanks ) 💩💩💩

Happy tweeting in 2016 👍💖

Author: alisonphipps

Prof of Gender Studies. Book out April 6: 'Me, Not You: the trouble with mainstream feminism.' Feminist; queer; Prince; give over. She/her

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